Getting Scouty

From about 5:33, this video gets scouty: crossing borders into danger zones, hidden traps, and finally a rotting corpse of a Scout at the end.

The ways it deviates from most traditional Scout tales:

  • There is actually a survivor at the end!
  • There is actually a search party, looking for the missing scout. Usually, a search party for a missing Scout unit is only sent if it was on formal Imperial business: a war mission, official government surveys, etc.

Possibly, fellow Scouts might put together an impromptu search party… if one of the Scout crew was from a wealthy family, that family may hire professional investigators.

But generally, You Are On Your Own.

“Detached Scouts are basically noisy people with science degrees and starships. And these kind of people face occupational hazards: no one gives them orders outside of wartime, but no one is going to look for them if they just vanish one day.”

“At least the Emperor pays for the upkeep and fueling of their starships!”

“True, that, in return for a sporadic stream of information that, often enough, pays for itself many times over. Valuable information that is worth the yearly disappearance of a few dozen scout ships and crews per sector.”

“The Emperor gets the eyes and ears he wants, and the Detached Scouts gets to fly about on a whim, on his dime. Good Traveller work if you can get it!”

“Just make sure the Imperium gets the data it wants.”

“By regular reports?”

“Well, report when you can. But when the ship comes in for repairs, that shipboard computer and sensor array is going to get a comb-over, and the PCs are going to get poked and prodded, scanned and closely questioned, in their lengthy debriefings.”

“Nothing is for free, really.”

“Certainly not in the Imperium! But some things are worth the price.”

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