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Safe Travelling

There is such a thing as taking proper precautions… and such a thing as a great fear of ghosts and goblins. I like Bojidar Marinov’s article The Cult of Safety particularly as it outlines how a heroic society — a … Continue reading

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Slow Travelling

From North’s Video: Life in the Slow Lane. Literally. This lifestyle can be seen in Scottish villages where people live in the slow lane. In this case, the slow lane is literal. The countryside is connected by roads that are … Continue reading

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Plot and Story

I just realized that my issues of Stellar Reaches provide characters and plots… but not story. That’s what the players create.

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Alexander in Space

Really, you should watch the entire series, not just the final episode. It wouldn’t be so hard to rewrite the Interstellar Wars into just The Interstellar War, with Terran Admiral Alexander taking the entire Ziru Sirka by himself. Of course, … Continue reading

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The American Revolution

Just a fun refresher. Of course, you want the PCs to take the John Paul Jones role. Interesting bits about absolute monarchies, surprise attacks, and glory-hungry Imperial officers messing up war plans.

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Pluto Time

To find “Pluto Time” – the time when the sunlight in your area equals that Pluto receives at high noon – go here:

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Submachine Guns

From the Guns Wiki: The submachine gun gained a new lease of life during the 1970s and 80s, when it became the preferred weapon of special forces units due to its compact size and effective close-quarters capability. Guns like the … Continue reading

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