Yet More Issac Arthur

This is probably the most immediately useful video in this post, for a Traveller Referee. There’s a lot of cold-but-habitable worlds in Imperial Space…

There is no official Christian position about spreading life across the cosmos.

I do have a personal opinion, though: DEUS VULT!

Traveller doesn’t have genuine Star Trek replicators, but it took Mr. Arthur to inform me of the serious heat issues such a replicator would have.

There are many hypothetical and fictional examples of entirely automated manufacturing, but the most likely is what we call a Clanking Replicator, an artificial self-replicating system that relies on conventional large-scale technology and automation rather than nanotechnology or teleportation.

The Clanking Replicator is actually quite doable in Traveller, perhaps even as early as TL 10. (I don’t think we could quite pull it off at TL 9, with TL 9 = today’s tech.)

Why hasn’t this been done yet?

I wonder how many species forgot about getting an FTL jump drive, once computer simulated worlds became more attractive, more interesting, and cheaper than trying to visit real worlds…

Lotus-eater adventures can be quite interesting, and quite dangerous, in their own right. Especially when entering the dream world of an alien species…

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