Messy Situations

What I like most about Geography Now’s presentation is that it goes in-depth into the issues, and is far more fair to both sides than I would be. Good stuff!

Of course, most mercenary PCs just want to open fire, and not worry about the complex background of whatever nasty situation they are in. However, I am targeting the minority who want to try their hand in properly resolving the situation, and damp down the cycle of violence.

My discovery? Yes, religion is involved: but the direct cause of the conflict is a desire for secession, and the contrary government drive to suppress secession. It’s unfortunate that many minorities – after a long, long fight – are fairly satisfied with a high degree of autonomy, but (ignoring the question of fault) this broad peace didn’t happen for the Rohingya.

As for Myanmar itself:

All these fights the PCs get into occur in a big universe, and a lot of context.

Probably the most interesting thing of Myanmar (from a Traveller perspective) is the large number of minorities, under the largest ethnic group, the Burmese. The Burmese leadership is learning to be less oppressive: for example, they changed the name of the country from Burma to Myanmar).

Replace “Burmese” with “Solomani”, and you might have a model for the Second Solomani Confederation on your hands.

I don’t think this would work for the Vilani, who insist on cultural conformity… and don’t mind genocide.

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