Galactic Gardens

If you want to change a dead universe into a living one, you had better roll up your sleeves.

An introduction into working and keeping gardens… right into the New Garden of Eden, in Revelation 22.

It’s not enough to work and build gardens: you have to remember why you are building gardens, and to stay on mission.

Adam couldn’t do it for two solid days before shifting his focus from nurturing life to gaining power (and implicitly using his wife Eve as a disposable test-case pawn).

I suspect that’s the reason why there will be no galactic/cosmic civilization until after the conquest of death and then the second coming of Christ: God isn’t going to put up with supposed galactic gardeners who turn into murderous galactic killers & conquerors because of some blah-blah religious/atheistic/pragmatic ideology.

An oddball: reading Genesis 2 not so much as a recap of Genesis 1, but viewing Adam as a microcosm of the creation.

…he says the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground because the emphasis in chapter 2 is on man! The emphasis here is now on the creation of Adam. But what is Adam? Adam is just not a second thing that comes along. Adam was the goal of the whole thing to begin with!

Adam is presented here as a microcosm… well the word says it all. He is a microcosm. He is the universe in himself. He is a little world. And philosophers have noted this forever. You can see it in many forms and I won’t go through them all. But even in the physical form mankind is a combination of all the basic elements. We our part earth. We are part water — 80% water or something like that. We are part air. We have to have air okay? And we have all of these elements in us. We are a we are composed of everything in the environment, so to speak.


…God skips over all the parts about there being light and they’re being creation of dry ground and he goes directly to Adam as the product of dry ground. So that there’s this organic relationship between Adam and dry ground. And of course in the last discussion we even mentioned that the word Adam is related to the Hebrew word Adam ah both of which mean the soil or the earth.

There are likely to be quite a lot of vast waterworlds out there. Dead waterworlds, as without land there is no way to get a proper nutrient cycle going, with the required minerals etc coming from the top downwards. If we want those worlds to live, we are going to have to raise up some land.

(Almost all aquatic life is set in the top layers the ocean or so, by the way: close to sunlight, close to the river flows and the rain and new mineral/energy input.)

And besides raising land on the waterworlds (and putting water where there was none before), we will have to modify the stars as well: most stars – young red dwarfs – give off superflares that will sterilize their habitable zones, and that will have to be fixed.

I bet that Issac Arthur & crew have an idea or three about altering red dwarf stars to make them habitable, even as most Christians run around in fear, despair, and terror of the future, worrying about the Antichrist and the inevitable victory of evil.

So many supposed believers have no interest in actually obeying Jesus, in expanding the Kingdom of God, disciplining the nations and covering just the earth with justice and mercy, joy and compassion, truth and life. They think that God is a loser in time and on earth, and then wonder why they always lose every battle they fight.

And while God’s faithless, defeatist servants whine and bleat, the entire Creation, a billion billion worlds, cries out for life and hope. For the life-giving, healing touch of a faithful servant of God.

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