So you finally made it here.

First: This would make a great climax for an epic Traveller adventure!

Second: I ain’t bowing and worshiping. It’s obviously one of those impersonal, remote, uncaring gods that the pagans raise up for themselves… and so, by definition, is not the intensely personal, inescapably close, passionately caring Creator of Heaven and Earth.

But is it a godlike alien intelligence, a godlike AI intelligence, a superevolved Ultraman, or a psionic mastermind like dear old Grandfather?


I know for a fact that it cares nothing about me, nor justice, nor compassion, and stands far above good and evil.

Therefore, I give it nothing.

“Consider it a gift, a promise, from the One I represent.”

(A surprisingly common attitude among Solomani adventurers, I dare say!)

Image from the Reddit r/surrealmemes — You have traveled far, do you still remember what you are looking for?

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