“You always bring me the very best violence.”

It’s important that people who follow high-octane belief systems keep an eye on the younger male set. Especially the fatherless ones.


Looks at WH40K fans warily….

“Why are you looking at us for? We’re not the guys who are an actual religion who are actually comfortable in executing selected wrongdoers!”

“Traveller fans are hardly a religion. We’re far less devoted than WH40K fans overall….”

“You know what I mean!”

Fair enough.

Fortunately, I have always encouraged Christians to focus on personal self-discipline, building families, building business, building communities, and being charitable – especially to orphans, widows, and foreigners in the land. Upholding public justice should wait until Christians have proven ourselves in the eyes of the public: “politics fourth”… at most.

Even then, Biblical law is a fixed, predictable negative law that all can understand:

“You can’t do this or that: everything else is up to you.”

Rather than totalitarian, secularist positive law that is ever-changing, arbitrary, unpredictable, and can only be partly mastered by expensive specialists:

“Everything that is not forbidden is mandatory. You must not say this, but you must say that. You can’t do this, but you must do that.”

AND I’m not particularly fond of standing military forces & police establishments. They should be defunded, outside of times of actual war.


“I’ve always heard that what a man says when he’s weak, is different than what he says when he’s strong.”

“Then follow Christ’s advice: Judge us by our fruits, by our actions.”

“I’ll do that.”

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