…Thrown Away, Like So Much Garbage

An excerpt from my other blog.

(2) In 1900, Europe’s population (~400M) was quintuple that of Sub-Saharan Africa’s (~80M).

By 2100, Sub-Saharan Africa’s population (~4B) will be eight times as great as Europe’s (~650M).

Quite the reversal!

Source: Maddison; UN World Population Prospects.

Just look at that 1900 picture of the size of the UK, France and Germany vs. the USA, India, China, Russia, or all of Africa!


And that’s just a fraction of the story! What you can’t see is the centuries of built-up progress, tons of wealth, a tech lead you can’t even imagine.

So much raw dominance… thrown away like so much garbage by 1950.


*With special awards for those murderous liars Darwin, Marx, Freud, and Malthus.”

Now that we are in the proper frame of mind, let us consider the result of that visit Archduke Dulinor made at the Imperial Palace in 1116…

  • Last time, the murder of an Archduke led to the destruction of an entire civilization.
  • This time, an Archduke murdering three people led to the destruction of an entire civilization.
  • Conclusion? Don’t create an archduke rank in your aristocracy!

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