Worthy of Note: Marie Curie

An interesting life of science!

Something of a Scouty mentality when it comes to risk and danger, too. But at least she lived long enough to know that her work is highly valued.

The Traveller hooks?

  • Super-dangerous scientific documents
  • A “floating university” for forbidden knowledge. Useful for psions in the Imperium, non-Solomani in their Confederation, carnivores & omnivores in the Two Thousand Worlds, male Aslan in the Hierate (“oh, the irony!”)
  • Joining an inner circle worthy of the name!

Quora: What are the scariest motivational pictures?

Ghassan Albohtori, Stock Market Analyst

It’s no exaggeration that this, right here, is the most dangerous notebook on the planet.

Source: Personal effects of ‘the mother of modern physics’will be radioactive for another 1500 years

But why? What’s to be seen here but some random drawings and calculations scattered on the pages of an old notebook?


Housed in The Bibliotheque Nationale in France, Marie Curie’s notes are all kept in lead boxes due to the dangerous level of radiation in them. And if you wish to take a glimpse at her century-old manuscripts, you‘d need to sign a liability waiver and wear protective clothing to shield yourself from the deadly radiation.

Source: The radioactive legacy of Marie Curie


Not to undermine the accomplishments and efforts of other women in the scientific field specially in that period of time, but it touches me deeply to see this….

Source: Solvay Conference – Wikipedia

This historical picture was taken during the Fifth Solvay International Conference in 1927. The smartest scientists in the world gathered in Brussels in October of that year to exchange ideas on the Quantum Theory.

It’s often referred to as “the most intelligent picture of all time” with a collective IQ that nears infinity (figuratively).

Photographed here are 28 of the brightest men in the twentieth century. And seated right in the front row is one Marie Curie.

Of the 17 Nobel Prize laureates in this photo, Not only is Madam Curie the only female, but the only one who reserves two Nobels.

You’ll have to read the article to get the details.

The day of earned scientific excellence will return, when it is no longer profitable for the social/political game-players to ape the science game.

That will be a good day for research: not much money, not much influence, not much power… but lots of freedom and serious levels of integrity, for your mind and your studies, able to talk with your peers about discoveries without worrying about Ideological Enforcement.

(But a bad day for whoever becomes the next target for the power’n’control parasites. God have mercy, and keep those disease vectors far from me and mine!)

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