Corporate Authority

In 1860, the Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincoln, who was a lawyer for the Illinois Central Railroad. The Northern Democrats nominated Stephen A. Douglas, who was a lawyer for the Illinois Central Railroad. Lincoln won.

In 1864, the Republicans nominated Lincoln. The Democrats nominated the general who Lincoln had promoted and then relieved of command: George McClellan. McClellan had been a senior officer before the war at the Illinois Central Railroad. It was his decision as to who would get hired for a particular case, Douglas or Lincoln.

The Civil War began because there was a dispute between Lincoln and Douglas over whether the land that the Illinois Central Railroad was planning to extend its tracks into would be governed by the principle of no expansion of slavery into the territories versus the right of residents of the territories to determine whether slavery would extend.

When Someone Says “This is the Last Chance,” Stop Listening
by Gary North

The Solomani like to insist that they would never be controlled by some soulless corporation.

Once upon a time, the Vilani used to take them seriously.

Now, they just laugh and laugh.

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