Fate of the Hiwi

Remember the Hiwi?

In 1942-3, Sicherheitspolizei (Si’po) and Ordnungspolizei (Or’po’) police units in Poland were ordered by regional Police authorities to dispose of their Jewish ‘Hiwis’ (non-German ‘helpers’) to render those regions ”Judenrein” (non-Jewish). Since many had grown very attached to their Jewish helpers, more compassionate squad members went out of their way to kill them quickly and totally unexpectedly. In one instance they got the best shot in their company (100 men) to shoot their Hiwi (‘Harry’) in the head from several hundred metres away while he was tending to the garden. In another, one engaged their Hiwi (‘Mary’) in conversation in the kitchen and another moved behind her and shot her in the head. The alternative was leaving them to the tender mercy of armed Hiwis (‘recruited’ from Soviet POW and civilians given the choice of volunteering or death), who were often so drunk that they failed to shoot straight and their victims were merely wounded and so buried alive, or deportation to one of the extermination camps wherein they would suffocate over the course of several panicked minutes in a gas-van or gas chamber.

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“Not all Traveller stories have good endings.”
“True. I can imagine worse ones, though.”
“‘Oh, but it could have been worse’ isn’t good enough.”
“No, it isn’t.”

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