The Expanse: Boarding Party

Interesting how the Azure Dragon was trying to melt the Roci with it’s drive plume. I’ve never seen such a tactic in science fiction before.

John Doe
It’s actually a very old idea! Larry Niven introduced a version of it in his SF books back in the day. “The Kzinti Lesson: A reaction drive’s efficiency as a weapon is in direct proportion to its efficiency as a drive.”

This won’t work with Traveller’s reactionless engines.

But there ARE reaction-fueled starships out there, in Classic Traveller. And in one edition of Traveller, The New Era, there are no reactionless engines, with most ships using High-Efficiency Plasma Recombustion (HEPlaR) maneuver drives.

Michael Wood
I love that despite all those maneuvers being agony, and something similar having killed Alex, they just step up and get it sorted. Once Bobby insists, they just get the job done whatever the cost. Naomi has PTSD obviously, but Peaches stepping in was almost without hesitation.

This clip really highlights why The Expanse has one of the most realistic space battle physics in sci-fi. Some of the little things that make the show stand out:

1. Bobby’s ability to withstand high g acceleration on account of her military training and her badass MMC power armor vs. Amos struggling to even stand up during the Rocinante’s pursuit of the Azure Dragon.

2. Portions of Rocinante’s hull glowing red whenever it passed through the Azure Dragon’s drive plume.

3. The Rocinante doing a deceleration burn to match course with Azure Dragon once Bobbie disables it with an EMP (which also knocked out her power armor).


The acting here is excellent from bobbie, the authorative military barking is on point + nice details at 0:48 and 0:58, both times the Roci passes through the Dragon’s drive plume the hull is partially melted, holden would’ve been consciously trying to retain high velocity so he doesn’t go through the plume too slowly

I do also quite like this depiction of PTSD, Naomi isn’t totally disabled or useless after the trigger, she adapts to the situation, staggers back to the deck, and saved the mission with her tech support

There’s some pro work going on here.

Even though I don’t watch The Expanse (except for YouTube battle sequences), I do appreciate attention to details.

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