About Stellar Reaches

Stellar Reaches is a fan blog that focuses on providing useful ideas and materials for Traveller Referees and Players. Secondly, this is the home of the Stellar Reaches PDF fanzine.

7 Responses to About Stellar Reaches

  1. Timothy Collinson says:

    HI there,
    Just starting work on adding #26 to the 2nd volume of Traveller Periodical Bibliography – so I hope you’ll keep up the magazine format as well as the blog entries! I’ve noticed the spreadsheet link for #25 seems to be broken if that helps)
    (And while I’m here, there’s a broken form link on the Submissions page and the ‘About’ page is showing an editor view rather than public view – hope that helps).


    • I will try to get more actual Issues of Stellar Reaches out! I have a good framework/outline ready.

      Making the time is going to be hard. But I respect reminders, even nagging.

      (Money would be best of course!
      But that’s very complicated, and would require negotiations with Far Future Enterprises.)


  2. Timothy Collinson says:

    I know the feeling about money. But suspect Traveller will only be a ‘for the love it’ hobby really! But I do love my print collection of Stellar Reaches, cite the title in an article I’m preparing for Freelance Traveller, and still think it does an amazing job with illustrations that no one else (I’m aware of) comes anywhere near! Well done!


  3. hi Alvin! Great to hear you’re still around, and still into Traveller!


  4. vegas says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this site. This is without question the best Traveller blog going.


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