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An Lushan Rebellion

A detailed description of a truly ugly rebellion, not dissimilar from Traveller’s War of the Rebellion. Except that the Tang Dynasty actually won… for certain definitions of “winning”. Also worth noting was the major international networks. Even back before Columbus, … Continue reading

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The King’s Busy Day

Some quotes: “I’m practicing sitting still without falling asleep.”“That’s not work!” “It is king’s work… and it’s harder than it looks.”“What else is King’s work?” “Making speeches shaking hands and waving a lot.” […] “Oh daddy what about lunch?”“I know … Continue reading

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Cheering Capitalism: Misformed Links

So I corrected the links below, from the earlier post: A few quick links to make my case, based on North’s economic work and discussed on my other blog: Successfully Fighting Poverty Why Free-Market Atheism is Loathed Earning Hatred for … Continue reading

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Thirty Books

An amusing feminine uprising is currently running strong, regarding the tidy queen Marie Kondo quote “Ideally, own less than 30 books.” First off, context is important: this is what she personally does, and is not a recommendation for all to … Continue reading

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Look Like a Local

From Quora: How can I look Russian? Dima Vorobiev, I worked for Soviet propaganda I’m speaking for my town, which is Moscow, but my experience would be applicable almost everywhere in Russia. If you want to look as Russian as … Continue reading

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Could planets from Star Wars really exist?

From the comments: This is one of the nerdiest videos I’ve ever seen. I loved every minute of it.

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Full Metal Panic

Nobles should always travel with guides who know the local lingo. NOT An outtake from a coming Traveller anime. *sigh*

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