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The Strange The Awesome The High-Tech The Strange Neighbour A certain Roadside Picnic And it’s Cousin, ZONA The Domesticated Space Visitors “Look. I know that refueling at that gas giant is a Bad Idea. And that the lifeforms native to … Continue reading

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“Combat Aircraft of the Ancerious Galaxy”

Quite a selection of alien new airplanes & near-orbit shuttles, by VoughtVindicator. Nice inspiration for the gearheads, methinks!

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“Have Blue”: TL 9 planes in TL 7 nations

This is a visual of the Have Blue prototype STEALTH plane was built in 1977, in Lockheed’s Skunk Works division. I bet that the Air Force – then and now – would have loved to have the assistance of some … Continue reading

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“Always Gross, Never Net”

From the comments: Actively Avoiding Monetization Freakazoid was on point when he said, “Always negotiate a percentage of the gross, never the net. The net is fantasy.” Or just sign a standard employment contract. Note that this is just one, … Continue reading

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A Blast from the Past

If you’re playing in the Classic milieu, there’s lots of undetonated ordinance around, due to both the Frontier War and the Rim War. (See: Europe’s Unexploded Bomb Problem) I can see a skilled controlled demolition team kept quite busy there, … Continue reading

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Ibn Battuta – Escape to China

“The Traveller Lifestyle” I especially liked the bit about his ship – with all his wealth – just sailing off to China without him. I wonder how many PCs can relate. “Don’t forget about the… unpredictable… Noble!”

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Politics & Media: Contrast and Compare Between Imperia

Talk Shops The Imperial Moot has two power: select the new Emperor upon the death of the old Emperor, and dissolve the Imperium So, it does its first job perhaps once a generation regarding the Emperor, and the second job … Continue reading

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