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I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!

A E S T H E T I C: From the Far Future to Nostalgia

From the comments: Steve R. Neill The early to mid 1980’s (the original timeframe for the inception of these logos) had a very interesting “subculture” that most people don’t even know about; picture it like the Vaporwave/Cyber subculture of today, … Continue reading

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From Sea To Shining Sea

An interesting hivemind invasion scenario, From Sea To Shining Sea starts off thus: A request by Jcw3 for an especially strange scenario. In 1783, shortly after the signing of the Treaty of Paris the announcement of the official recognition of … Continue reading

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“It’s Evil! Don’t Touch It!”

So Imperial Scout. So very, very Imperial Scout. (Hivers nod in sympathy) On the other hand, the surviving son looks to be the kind of Scout that actually lives to see two terms of service!

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A Certain Kind of Noblewoman

The Highland Park Woman(Texas High Nobility, 1976) THE HIGHLAND PARK WOMAN is thirty-two or thirty-three. She says she honestly forgets sometimes. She’s not particularly afraid to tell her age (she’s not that old) but she seldom does. It’s not really necessary: a ten-year-old son in St. … Continue reading

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At The Right Hand of the Throne

A discussion of Esther, set in a large empire, led by an absolute monarch. (Persian style in this case, not the Roman/European style of Traveller. But you can always change the flavour!) While the whole oriental monarch thing is useful, … Continue reading

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Digging Deep

Because I love (the idea of) scouting!

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The Corporate Life

(Small) Corporate for Life! The modern Japanese salariman looks more stereotypically Vilani than Solomani, withthe major difference being the small 5-man business Makoto works for. (The Vilani have a strong preference for crushing, huge — “preferably galaxy-spanning” — conglomerates.) If … Continue reading

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