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“The Free Trader That Dominated a Sector”

Aside: I’m using the Japanese/Anime convention of a grade of “S” — something like, “above 100% success; superlative” — above that of Grade A – “95-100% completion, excellent, perfect”. Hey, it’s better than re-using the word “elite” to the point … Continue reading

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P.T. Barnum, Traveller

Both in the real world, and as excellent inspiration. Like most great entertainers, Barnum was a born cynic. He grew up in Bethel, Connecticut, a poor rural village in which survival demanded cunning, wit, and ruthlessness—traits known collectively at the … Continue reading

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When Money Fails You

Top “medical concierges” like Manhattan’s Dr. Ronald Primas (Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s rumored doctor) said they’ve had to tell some well-heeled patients that no, they can’t build their own ICUs in their Hamptons homes – never mind order a … Continue reading

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Take the Imperial Port!

This is not a bad model, for a small (but wealthy and crowded) Imperial starport/startown vs a poorer – but not too primitive – local government. Interesting, how mountains and high-rises becomes important observation points. Key issue: the Singaporean Imperial … Continue reading

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Huge Amounts of Food. Almost no Cropland

Yes, this process is already happening: due to technological advances, more and more marginal farmland is being abandoned and returned to the wild, while bumper crops – in meat and veggies – continue to grow nicely. It’s likely that in … Continue reading

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Story Outline: Ozymandias

Preface Just curious, on how a successful Mixed Vilani woman would consider, as she looks upon the ruins of a long-dead family Archoness/Ruling Noble. Story Outline A successful revolutionary/ex-starship crewwoman, finally taking a break after so much Work, Risk, Pain, … Continue reading

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Standing Before the Throne

Formal debate is the heart of the Western system of justice. Attorneys on both sides of the question present their evidence in front of a jury. There is cross-examination of witnesses. There is a final summation by both sides. The … Continue reading

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