Fanzines & Reference

A list of downloadable Traveller fanzines is presented below.  If you wish to add one you have come across, give me a shout!

While not true fanzines – being published by for-profit licences – it would be remiss not to mention:

Other invaluable materials:

  • The Consolidated CT Errata webpage, from Don McKinney. His other Traveller Reference material canbe found here!
  • Polobius’ materials on Scribd include Vilani grammar, phonics, a handbook, and useful material on starports.
  • The old DOS TrWords program (useful for the various Vargr languages, and other hard-to-find resoures like the pre-GURPS Sylean, Gurvin, and Ithklur languages) can also be downloaded here, as is the Bwap Language Table.

5 Responses to Fanzines & Reference

  1. theophilus says:

    The HIWG files on Traveller Freeport are available at:

    Site was newly upgraded

    Also 12 of the 13 Signal GK’s were available at Leightons UK site. Scott Martins site has changed.



  2. Leighton Piper says:

    Just to let you know that the site you’ve quoted doesn’t belong to me, but is managed by Jae Campbell, the originator of the ‘Signal-GK’ fanzine (and original Editor). I think the site is associated with Jae’s employment and that he uses some of the site to host the files – but you would need to contact Jae to confirm the details.

    There has been a long hiatus with the re-edits of the original magazines – after the first 5 I ran out of steam but I am in an advanced stage of completing issue 6. Issues 7 to 13 are scans of the originals.



  3. Howard R.Leidner says:

    Frontier Report and Into the Deep appear be no longer active. There have not been any new issues recently. Also Signs & Portents last published issue is # 93, no new issues here either.


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